Need a service. Waddou pricing. Provide a service. Business model.

Need a service.

We understand that getting something done around the house or the business can get frustrating at times.

Waddou on-demand services are closer than ever. No need to search, wait after estimates and hassle to match schedules "We handle all that for you, on few steps and little information you can have an associate heading your way.

Waddou Pricing.

You will get instant estimates based on a reasonable hourly and driving rates... we don’t have a minimum charge... it's "pay exactly for what you use.

A standard show-up fee of $6.50 -associate travel time- plus the hourly and the driving charges as applicable.

Not sure how to estimate the time needed for the job, no worries, we can help you at (780) 215.7015, or you can proceed with your request your using the default time, the associate will set the right expectation before starting the job, there is no cost to change your mind.

Provide a service. 

We know what self-employment is all about, "been there, done that.", we feel your pain managing the day-to-day business operation, and if we are guessing right, you are exhausted from switching hats all day long.

Stay with me. There is light at the end of the tunnel; you might want to join our associate program, go through the vetting and compliance process so you can focus on providing your services, and "NO!!!", we don't take all your profits away, we factored everything in when setting the rates, I told you "I've been there" so I exactly know what it takes to be self-employed."

Business model.

We created an on-demand services APP where our customer will be able to instantly get estimates and hire self-employed professionals without the need for scheduling and prior arrangements. 

- We pre-screen our associates.

- We make sure that they comply with their industries requirements.

- We stand as a safeguard between our customers and associates.

Our goal is to ensure good service quality with the right price tag, our services are charged based on real-time spent on the job plus any extra expenses, in short, you only pay for what you use without worrying anymore about the big markups from conventional businesses.

We carefully study the market to determine the best possible rates for our services as we are committed to deliver the best service experience for a fair cost and to stand for our associates' financial interest, safety and well-being. "We think win/win."